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Decoding Matthew's genealogy of Jesus

The biblical nativity narratives are preached every Christmas, yet Matthew's genealogy of Christ is viewed as irrelevant and is largely ignored. In fact its meaning is hidden. Properly understood it is an apologetic work that refutes a charge of illegitimacy in Christ's birth and subtly commends him as Davidic Messiah.

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VoxLink New South Wales - March 2017 (15 Mar 17)
Document access: Subscriber, Member Voluntary euthanasia legislation proposed... List of 'Safe Schools' stays hidden... 'Neutral' ADF join NSW Mardi Gras... Push to decriminalise abortion... Marriage celebratory event... Concern over social services bill... Babies left to die horrifies many... Conservative revolution or tipping point?... Letters... Free speech advocate wins court battle... Marriage inquiry fails to rule on religious freedom

Euthanasia: are the risks too great? (15 Feb 17)
Document access: Subscriber, Member Not all pain can be effectively managed, whether physical or psychological. In the face of unmanageable pain, some people express a clear desire to end their life. For most of us, witnessing great suffering by another person, particularly a loved one, prompts a strong desire to find a way to end that suffering. That is why many of the people who have a desire and willingness to give assistance to these wishes do so out of compassion and love.

VoxPoint - February 2017 (15 Feb 17)
Document access: Subscriber, Member An unimaginable future... Mysterious attack on Christian lobby... Why did US Christians vote for Donald Trump?... Letters... Euthanasia: are the risks too great?... Senate looks at marriage - again!... Sydney University: where Kerry learned lesbian activism... What are our universities teaching?... The failure of feelings-based education... Euthanasia warning.

Submission on Freedom of Speech & AHRC (Cth) (30 Jan 17)
Document access: Guest, Subscriber, Member Submission on Freedom of Speech & the AHRC to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights. It involves: Freedom of Speech; Justifiable limitations; Unjustifiable limitations; Racial Discrimination Act 1975; Section 18C; Section 27; Australian Human Rights Act 1986; Duties, functions and powers of the Commission; Complaints; Burden of Proof; Justifiable reversals of shifts; Unjustifiable reversals of shifts; Sex Discrimination Act 1984; Other Acts; Conclusion.

Submission on the Draft Exposure Marriage Amendment (Same-sex Marriage) Bill ( 5 Jan 17)
Document access: Guest, Subscriber, Member Submission on the Exposure Draft of the Marriage Amendment (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill to the Select Committee on the Exposure Draft of the Marriage Amendment (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill. It involves: Terms of reference; The purpose of marriage; Freedom of religion; The nature of freedom of religion; Justifiable limitations; Exposure draft Marriage Amendment (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill; Exceptions generally; Proposed exemptions; Conclusion.

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