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Religious Freedom Review


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Marriage, Divorce and the Family Law Act (15 May 82)
Document access: Subscriber, Member We need a national family policy which upholds those values which nurture a spirit of sacrifice, care, accountability, responsibility, justice and gratitude to God. Labour and government are also mandates of God: let us work and act by trying to bring the government to an understanding of itself so that we all may benefit from good, responsible and caring government. A government which does not uphold the most fundamental rights and values of the nation, namely the right to live and to work, and the values of marriage and family, will ultimately perish, together with the people...

The Social Risks of Casinos (15 Feb 82)
Document access: Subscriber, Member “In recent years there has been a massive growth of gambling in Australia. It has become a major industry, and there are strong vested interests in promoting its further development. Large-scale gambling diverts resources from productive to non-productive fields; it fosters unhealthy covetousness by holding out the prospect of enormous wealth without work; and as a form of recreation it is essentially anti-social. We need less, not more, gambling in our community; and I hope our parliamentarians will strongly resist any moves for the establishment of a casino.” So spoke the Anglican Archbishop of Adelaide, Dr. Keith Rayner...

Sex Education and Teenage Pregnancy (15 Nov 81)
Document access: Subscriber, Member “What disturbs me,” wrote Fr John Fleming in “The Advertiser” (10/8/81) about an Australian Family Planning Association campaign for more government funding, “is that it seems mainly directed at the unmarried, particularly teenagers.” This is not family planning, he points out. The promotion of contraceptives among teenagers is instead an invitation to promiscuity. “Is it right,” he asks, “for adults to assist teenagers to go against their parents’ wishes in this matter, and encourage unlawful sexual intercourse with girls under the age of 17 years?”...

Men and Women: Equal but Different (15 Aug 81)
Document access: Subscriber, Member A prominent feminist politician recently addressed a mee ting in Canberra. She said that she hoped the time would come when people would “realize that differences between men and women are no more important than differences in eye colour”... jobs at all promotional levels. But is the underlying premise for these expensive projects true? Is the assumption that sex differences are as unimportant as eye colour valid? This paper explores the facts — gained in part from the latest scientific research — and the results are startling. They call into question many recent government projects. They deserve the widest publicity...

Family Law in Australia (15 May 81)
Document access: Subscriber, Member One member of the Committee, Mr. John Martyr (then member for Swan, WA and now a Senator for WA) strongly dissented from the Majority Report [for the Family Law Act]. Speaking in Federal Parliament, he explained that he would not sign the Majority Report because of fundamental disagreements with the Committee... Thus the controversy which surrounded the birth of the Family Law Act in 1975 is still present. This resource paper briefly presents the background to the Report, including the appointment and working of the Joint Select Committee, and its contents. The heart of the controversy, namely the effect

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