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Religious Freedom Review

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Religious Freedom Review

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Pornography and Rape: Evidence of a Link (15 Aug 80)
Document access: Subscriber, Member The idea that pornography and sex crimes might be linked in some way is not original. The possibility was raised and investigated seriously for the first time by the U.S. Presidential Commission on Obscenity and Pornography. This was established in 1967 in response to growing public concern about the availability of pornography in that country...

The Purpose of the Prostitution Law (15 May 80)
Document access: Subscriber, Member Prostitution - the act of sexual intercourse for money - is legal in Australia and always has been. The State has never “entered the bedroom” of a consenting prostitute and her client to prohibit their activities, unless a third person was making money out of it. “The words ‘decriminalization of prostitution’ are utterly misleading,” says Father John Fleming. “Prostitution is not a criminal offence. Two individuals who agree to have sex together where one pays the other a fee, have not committed an offence by the deed itself.”... Because there is considerable confusion in the community over the present laws

No-Fault No-Justice Divorce under the Family Act (15 May 79)
Document access: Subscriber, Member Optimism reigned supreme among the supporters of the Family Law Bill during the latter stages of the Parliamentary debate in 1975. For example, a feature article in “The Bulletin” opened with the words: “One of the most important and progressive pieces of legislation to go before the Australian parliament, the Family Law Bill, now seems assured of eventually becoming law”. Yet two years later, a group of Family Court lawyers writing in the Perth daily, the “West Australian,” analysed the workings of the Act and concluded: “No amendment can cure the defects of the Family Law Act, It is

The Victims of Prostitution (15 Feb 79)
Document access: Subscriber, Member When brothels masquerading as “massage parlours” in Adelaide, became bold enough in 1976 to solicit customers and procure staff through newspaper advertisements, the public began to complain. One Adelaide man reported that “an attempt had been made to procure his 16-year-old daughter for prostitution. After putting in advertisement in a newspaper for a job, she “had received a telephone call from a man offering her a job in a massage parlour.” The girl’s father immediately reported the matter to a member of the vice squad but he showed “no interest whatsoever.”...

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