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Religious Freedom Review

You can help make a difference by telling us how you or someone you know has experienced religious discrimination. We need concrete evidence of the increasing difficulties Christians are facing into the future. myevidence.fava.org.au

Religious Freedom Review

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Homosexuals on the Offensive (15 Feb 83)
Document access: Subscriber, Member For homosexuals in NSW, 26 November 1982 was a very significant date. On that day the NSW Parliament passed a Bill prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of homosexuality in any section of society — including education... Parents may soon discover that their children in government schools are being subjected to propaganda that homosexual relationships are as valid as heterosexual marriage...

Television in a Christian Home (15 Nov 82)
Document access: Subscriber, Member We need to do some hard thinking about television’s impact on the home... Surveys reveal that about 95% of Australian homes have at least one television set, 92% have a colour set and 40% have more than one set. Moreover, Australians watch about 31/2 hours of television every day on average. Clearly, television has the potential for a big influence on our whole society. So, what is it doing to us?... The following article, reprinted from the USA monthly Pastoral Renewal, takes a long hard look at some of the effects of television viewing on Christian family life. Without doubt, Kevin

School Funding: Power for Parents (15 Aug 82)
Document access: Subscriber, Member Experience shows that productive, healthy and happy communities set great store by the personal dignity and responsible autonomy of all their members. They prefer variety to uniformity. Like good parents and teachers, they look for ways of relaxing controls rather than tightening them. They therefore ensure that ordinary people have as much power as possible, especially over education and the family. This is just what individual funding does. It may well be that the greatest value of individual funding — which is only a way of distributing public moneys — lies in the sense and the habit of personal dignity

Marriage, Divorce and the Family Law Act (15 May 82)
Document access: Subscriber, Member We need a national family policy which upholds those values which nurture a spirit of sacrifice, care, accountability, responsibility, justice and gratitude to God. Labour and government are also mandates of God: let us work and act by trying to bring the government to an understanding of itself so that we all may benefit from good, responsible and caring government. A government which does not uphold the most fundamental rights and values of the nation, namely the right to live and to work, and the values of marriage and family, will ultimately perish, together with the people...

The Social Risks of Casinos (15 Feb 82)
Document access: Subscriber, Member “In recent years there has been a massive growth of gambling in Australia. It has become a major industry, and there are strong vested interests in promoting its further development. Large-scale gambling diverts resources from productive to non-productive fields; it fosters unhealthy covetousness by holding out the prospect of enormous wealth without work; and as a form of recreation it is essentially anti-social. We need less, not more, gambling in our community; and I hope our parliamentarians will strongly resist any moves for the establishment of a casino.” So spoke the Anglican Archbishop of Adelaide, Dr. Keith Rayner...

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