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Decoding Matthew's genealogy of Jesus

The biblical nativity narratives are preached every Christmas, yet Matthew's genealogy of Christ is viewed as irrelevant and is largely ignored. In fact its meaning is hidden. Properly understood it is an apologetic work that refutes a charge of illegitimacy in Christ's birth and subtly commends him as Davidic Messiah.

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The U.N. Discrimination Convention (15 Aug 83)
Document access: Subscriber, Member The United Nations General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women on 18 December 1979 and opened it for signature on I March 1980. At the UN Mid-Decade for Women World Conference in Copenhagen on 17 July 1980, 52 countries including Australia signed the Convention in principle (bringing the total to 65). However, after having had time to scrutinize it more closely, may many of those countries have not taken the more significant step of ratification. Moreover, many of the ratifications have been with reservations. Many of the countries that have not ratified

Australian Festival of Light Proclamation (15 May 83)
Document access: Subscriber, Member It has continued in the conviction that many people, troubled about the moral climate of society, wish to affirm their belief in and desire for a wholesome society as a happy society. The focus of this Festival is on the family. Among the many structures which deserve careful attention in contemporary society we have selected the family as an essential unit currently threatened by many forces. We believe survival of the family is essential both for the welfare of the young and for the cohesion of society. It is imperative that we prevent the family either from disintegrating inadvertently, or

Homosexuals on the Offensive (15 Feb 83)
Document access: Subscriber, Member For homosexuals in NSW, 26 November 1982 was a very significant date. On that day the NSW Parliament passed a Bill prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of homosexuality in any section of society — including education... Parents may soon discover that their children in government schools are being subjected to propaganda that homosexual relationships are as valid as heterosexual marriage...

Television in a Christian Home (15 Nov 82)
Document access: Subscriber, Member We need to do some hard thinking about television’s impact on the home... Surveys reveal that about 95% of Australian homes have at least one television set, 92% have a colour set and 40% have more than one set. Moreover, Australians watch about 31/2 hours of television every day on average. Clearly, television has the potential for a big influence on our whole society. So, what is it doing to us?... The following article, reprinted from the USA monthly Pastoral Renewal, takes a long hard look at some of the effects of television viewing on Christian family life. Without doubt, Kevin

School Funding: Power for Parents (15 Aug 82)
Document access: Subscriber, Member Experience shows that productive, healthy and happy communities set great store by the personal dignity and responsible autonomy of all their members. They prefer variety to uniformity. Like good parents and teachers, they look for ways of relaxing controls rather than tightening them. They therefore ensure that ordinary people have as much power as possible, especially over education and the family. This is just what individual funding does. It may well be that the greatest value of individual funding — which is only a way of distributing public moneys — lies in the sense and the habit of personal dignity

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