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Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali's 2011 tour

Nazir-Ali on Islam and immigration from Sydneyanglicans.net on Vimeo.

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali in Australia

Over 2,500 people heard Anglican Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali on his "Courage in a Hostile World" tour in September 2010.  Throughout his meetings, the Bishop discussed aggressive secularism and radical Islamism, and their potential effects to Australia.  Bishop Nazir-Ali knows all to well the impacts secularism and Islamism can have on a country, from the major changes occuring in his  home country of England.  In the short video above, taken after the seminar in Sydney, Anglican Media correspondent Jeremy Halcrow interviews the Bishop on radical Islamism and immigration policies.

Seeley International

FamilyVoice Australia acknowledges the generous support of Seeley International, as principal sponsor of the 2010 Australian ministry visit of Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali. We commend Frank Seeley AM (one of our SA Advisory Board members) whose firm was awarded as Australia's First Generation Family Business of the Year, in September 2010. You can learn more about them by clicking here.

2013: Vishal Mangalwadi

We celebrated FamilyVoice Australia's 40th year of ministry in August 2013 by inviting international lecturer Vishal Mangalwadi to speak on What Good is Christianity?

Vishal Mangalwadi knows the difference the Bible can bring to everyday life – blessing the lives of individuals and communities, even nations.  Vishal grew up in India, surrounded by Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic cultures.  But in his teens he  became a Christian, attracted to the life and teachings of Jesus. After studying philosophy at university, and spending time living in a Hindu ashram, he began to recognise the enormous benefits that God’s Word has given to Western nations.

What has shaped Australia into the nation it is today? Has Christianity done any good in our culture?

For more info, please visit www.whatgood.net.au


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