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Election Survey - Victoria 2010 - Q9

Q9 - Marriage and sex education

Would you support school programs promoting sexual abstinence before and faithfulness within marriage as beneficial?


Party Reply Score
Australian Labor Party

Labor is committed to providing a well-rounded curriculum to all students in Victorian schools, under the Victorian Essential Learning Standards.  Sexuality education is a component of these Standards, as part of Health and Physical Education. 

We support age-appropriate sexuality education in our government schools, that covers many topics, including focusing on love, abstinence, safe sex, respect for others and oneself, diversity, personal rights and responsibilities, relationships and friendships, effective communication, and decision-making.

As the table below demonstrates, teen pregnancy rates in Victoria have not increased.  In fact teen pregnancy has steadily decreased, from 4.4 per cent (2660 babies) in 1985 to 2.6 per cent (1818 babies) in the most recent Births in Victoria report (2007).   

 Maternal age group No.   %
 < 20 yrs  1818  2.6
 20-24 yrs  8032  11.3
 25-29 yrs



 30-34 yrs  24844  35.1
 35-39 yrs  15283  21.6
 40+ yrs  2877  4.1
Total  70827  100

The median age for all women was 31.0 years and the mean age was 30.7 years.  For women giving birth for the first time the median and mean age was 29.0 years.

Liberal-National Party

The Liberal Nationals Coalition supports the freedom of parents across Victoria to provide their children with an education that reflects their values and beliefs, including an education that includes programs promoting sexual abstinence and faithfulness.

Democratic Labor Party

Yes, definitely.  Clause 12a of the DLP Objectives states: “The DLP supports orthodox values and traditions and the ethic of civic responsibility as the foundation for genuine human freedoms and the common good. “  

Our education policy includes providing an education system based on the promotion of competence appropriate for the age and status of each student in a range of skills including numeracy, literacy, social and civic participation, health skills and knowledge and an informed appreciation of the religious, moral and ethical codes to which the mainstream community adheres.

Christian Democratic Party

Yes, definitely.

Family First Party

Yes, definitely.

The Greens

A key priority of the Victorian Greens Youth policy is the provision and funding of inclusive sex (including same-sex) education programs, to promote respect for young people's own and others sexuality and to promote healthy relationships.

Australian Sex Party

The Australian Sex Party does not believe that the teaching of safe sex has resulting in a “sky rocketing” of teen pregnancies.   Evidence indicates that the fertility rate amongst young people today is less than half of that in 1960s, when there was a focus on abstinence in sex education.   We believe that sex education should provide students with the information that they will need and must be in touch with their lives.   We believe the best way to combat STI’s and youth pregnancy is to be realistic with young people and give them as much non-judgemental information to them as possible in order for them to make the best choices for themselves.


Authorised by: David Phillips, FamilyVoice Australia, 4th Floor, 68 Grenfell St, Adelaide SA 5000


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