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Election Survey - Victoria 2010 - Q8

Q8 - Poker machines

Would you support legislation to phase out poker machines in Victoria over a ten year period?


Party Reply


Australian Labor Party

Victoria, under Labor, continues to lead the nation in tackling problem gambling.  Latest research indicates that the prevalence of problem gambers is now only 0.7 per cent of Victorian adults in comparison to 2.1 per cent in 1999.  Gambling revenue as a proportion of Government revenue has also declined and is now only 3.7 per cent compared to 6.9 per cent in 1999.
Liberal-National Party

The Liberal-Nationals Coalition government will maintain the current cap on the number of gaming machines in Victoria and will not permit any increase.

We will also implement pre-commitment, including measures to encourage take-up and avoid stigma.

While the Brumby Government has set up an inter-departmental committee to examine proposals for a second casino in Mildura, the Coalition does not have a second casino as part of our policy.

Democratic Labor Party

Yes, definitely.  Clause 12a: “The DLP shall uphold principles of liberty intended to affirm orthodox values and traditions and the ethic of civic responsibility as the foundation of human freedoms and the common good.”

The DLP policy in this coming election is for the complete elimination of all pokies and not to allow a second casino in Victoria.

Christian Democratic Party

Yes, definitely.

Family First Party

Yes, definitely.

The Greens

The Victorian Greens believe the negative social costs associated with gambling are massive and preventable and that the state budget should not depend on gambling revenue.

The Victorian Greens Gambling policy includes other priorities, including:

• The immediate restriction of electronic gambling machines (EGMs) to a maximum of 25 per venue, with a maximum of three venues for any one licensee

• The creation and use of evidence-based measures to audit the proportion of regular EGM users who become problem gamblers, to enable systematic reduction in this proportion over time by setting goals and providing public progress reports

• The establishment of a genuinely independent statutory gambling regulator charged with minimising the social and economic costs of gambling, and protecting consumers and the public interest

• Continuing to remove ATM's from gambling venues and ensuring EFTPOS facilities at venues do not permit cash withdrawals

• Removing bank note acceptors from EGMs, returning them to coin-only operation and reducing maximum credit balances

• Banning incentives to gamble such as food and drink provided for free

• Capping winnings payable by machine and cashier.

• The implementation of evidence-based harm minimisation and product safety measures which reduce the likelihood of problem gambling developing and facilitate gamblers limiting their expenditure of time and money.

Australian Sex Party

While the Australian Sex Party believes that problem gambling should be addressed we do not believe phasing out pokie machines is the answer; we believe there are many people who choose to use pokies as a form of entertainment without entrenched problems experienced by others.   

Evidence indicates that the majority of gamblers are non-problem gamblers and that harm minimisation strategies have had an impact on the prevalence of problem gambling.   

The Australian Sex Party would also be concerned about the impact on programs that are funded by the Community Support Fund (created from gaming revenue) if pokie machines were to be phased out.  These programs include support for bushfire affected communities, schools and indigenous communities.


Authorised by: David Phillips, FamilyVoice Australia, 4th Floor, 68 Grenfell St, Adelaide SA 5000


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