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Election Survey - Victoria 2010 - Q2

Q2 - Adoption

Would you vote against any bill that would allow same-sex couples to adopt children?


Party Reply Score 
Australian Labor Party 

For Labor, the welfare and best interests of the child remain the paramount consideration.

As views and laws across the nation on this important issue are wide and varied, work is underway nationally to examine research and gather evidence on adoption, as well as developing new national principles that will contribute to greater consistency across adoption legislation and practice.

Liberal-National Party

The Liberal-Nationals Coalition has no plans to introduce legislation on this issue.  Any legislation coming before the next Parliament would be the subject of a free vote by Coalition MPs.

Democratic Labor Party

Yes, definitely. This question relates to clause 12C and 17 of the DLP Objectives, which states, "The historical indispensability of the family as the primary guardian of personal freedoms and to advance the rights, welfare and status of the natural family founded in traditional marriage, as the primary provider in the nurturing, rearing and educating of the young and in the care of the infirm and the aged.

Christian Democratic Party

Yes, definitely.

Family First Party

Yes, definitely.

The Greens

The Australian Greens Victoria support full human rights for all persons regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.  The Victorian Greens will work towards the removal of all laws that prevent adoption on the basis of sexual orientation or marital status.  We will also work towards ensuring same-sex partners of biological parents are able to adopt their own children born into the family.

Research disputes your view that children flourish when raised by both a mother and a father.  For your reference, we refer you to just two of numerous studies with results showing children raised by lesbian mothers or gay fathers do not systematically differ from other children and that these families are performing within the healthy ranges established by scales measuring family functioning and children's behaviour (Journal of Family Social Work, 9(1), 17-32, Erich, S, 2005" Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 34(4)335-351 , 2002, et al)

Australian Sex Party

The Australian Sex Party believes that children are best raised by parents who love them, regardless of their gender or relationship status and there is evidence to support this perspective.   Our party believes all people should have equal rights regardless of whether they are in a homosexual or heterosexual relationship and this includes the right to adopt children. 


Authorised by: David Phillips, FamilyVoice Australia, 4th Floor, 68 Grenfell St, Adelaide SA 5000


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