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Services - Speakers

FamilyVoice Australia has deputation speakers available to speak at churches, men's groups, women's groups, youth groups, service clubs and elsewhere.  The following speakers are currently available:




Mr Geoffrey
State Officer

Mr Geoffrey Bullock gained a ThL from the Australian College of Theology and has served extensively in Christian ministry in New South Wales and Queensland, including teaching religious instruction in schools and as a Church History and Ethics Lecturer with Cornerstone Community.  He had six years as a lecturer in grief and death with TS Burstow Funerals.

Geoffrey has represented the work of FamilyVoice Australia (formerly Festival of Light Australia) and given biblical sermons on Christian civic ministry at over 50 Queensland churches since his appointment in March 2003.

Email Geoffrey


South Australia


Mr David d'Lima 
State Officer
South Australia

Mr David d'Lima, BTh, DipEd, JP, has worked extensively with young offenders, taught in a Christian primary school and is currently a registered teacher in SA.

Through deputations over recent years, he has spoken to hundreds of churches and other groups in South Australia and Queensland.

David is keen to speak to any group in South Australia, and share a message to encourage awareness of the Christian worldview and its application to the civic arena.  Please email him to obtain a list of topics.

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Pr Peter Stevens
State Officer

Pr Peter Stevens has been in Christian ministry since 1991 as Bible College principal and pastoring churches in Werribee and Geelong.  Peter has a loving heart for all Australians and speaks clearly and powerfully.  Peter encourages and lifts the joy of all those to whom he speaks.

Since his appointment as Victorian State Office with FamilyVoice Australia, Peter has encouraged Christians in many different churches and is keen to speak to groups of all kinds.

Email Peter


Western Australia


Pr Lance Macormic
State Officer Western Australia


Pr Lance Macormic is the State Officer for FamilyVoice Australia, in Western Australia.  He graduated from Lincoln Christian College with a BA in General Ministry, is an ordained pastor with the Churches of Christ, and has served at churches in the US and Australia.  He is a passionate evangelist and enjoys teaching from God's Word, in small groups and from the pulpit.

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New South Wales


Acting State Officer New South Wales



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