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PM receives 'Safe Schools' letter signed by 14,100 Australians
Thursday, February 18, 2016

Nathan Harding shakes hands with Malcolm Turnbull after presenting him with the open letter plus 14,100 signatories  


As public concern about the controversial Safe Schools Coalition program continues to grow, an open letter to the Prime Minister, signed by 14,100 Australians, was handed to Malcolm Turnbull yesterday (17 February).  

FamilyVoice Australia supporter Nathan Harding made the presentation at an afternoon tea in Brisbane’s north, organised by Liberal MP for Petrie, Luke Howarth.  

Mr Harding handed the PM the presentation pack, which explains that the “Safe Schools Coalition” program is primarily about politics and ideology, not bullying.  

“The Prime Minister was happy to shake my hand, but he would not hold the presentation pack for the photo,” Mr Harding said.  “He said he needed to read the letter first.”  

Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss received a similar presentation on 27 January, saying he was aware of parental concerns about the Safe Schools Coalition program.

The 14,100 signatories to the open letter said they deplored bullying – but the Safe Schools Coalition program ignores the most common forms (based on appearance, ability, ethnicity) and has actually led to the bullying of students who do not support the program’s political agenda.   

The signatories are asking Mr Turnbull to cancel funding for the Safe Schools Coalition program and instead support programs that address all forms of bullying.


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