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Yet another 'Safe Schools' program??
Thursday, April 14, 2016

Feminist ideology and the promotion of casual sex have no place in our classrooms

Many parents will be horrified to learn that religious instruction, now banned from Victorian classrooms, will be replaced by a new program promoting feminist ideology and casual “hook-ups”.
“In its focus on LGBTIQ issues and gender theory, the new Building Respectful Relationships curriculum is similar to the flawed Safe Schools Coalition program,” FamilyVoice Victoria director Peter Stevens said.  “We have looked at the 203-page curriculum and found its name to be misleading – just like ‘Safe Schools’, which has made schools less safe for some students.
“For example, Unit 1 of Building Respectful Relationships, designed for 13 year olds in year 8, asks students to study advertisements for sexual partners in dating websites or local newspapers. 
“The teacher must first ensure that the ads include a ‘range of ages and sexualities’.  Students are asked to write their own ads.  There is no suggestion that this method of ‘hooking up’ is in any way harmful.”
The new program also seeks to prevent domestic violence. 
“This is a worthy aim,” Mr Stevens said.  “But it is not helpful to insist on the feminist dogma that men are always the perpetrators and women are always the victims.
“As we have seen in a number of recent tragedies, women can sometimes harm their husbands and even their own children.”
Peter Stevens said that parents had always been able to withdraw their children from religious instruction classes.  By contrast, the so-called “Building Respectful Relationships” program will be incorporated throughout the school curriculum and withdrawal would not be an option. 
“Minister James Merlino should go back to the drawing board,” he said.     


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