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We all need to be able to agree to disagree
Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Archbishop Julian Porteous: penalised for explaining church teaching

Recent comments by Premier Will Hodgman suggest that Tasmanians may eventually be allowed to agree to disagree without being hauled before the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal.

“I welcome Mr Hodgman's recognition that the restrictions on free speech in Tasmania are an over-reach,” FamilyVoice Tasmania director Jim Collins said today.

“Many people around the nation were horrified when Archbishop Porteous was effectively accused of 'hate speech' for simply sending his church's view on marriage to families who had chosen to send their kids to church schools.

“People are beginning to recognise how ridiculous the situation is,” Jim Collins said.

“You can't drive an argument for tolerance, equality and diversity then try to shut down any voice that provides a differing view!  Free speech is a cornerstone of Aussie society.

“We urge all state governments to ensure that their equal opportunity and anti-discrimination laws allow Australians to disagree with other views without being accused of ‘hate speech’.  Disagreement is not hate!”


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