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The Labor Party needs an anti-bullying policy
Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bullying victim: Senator Joe Bullock, who yesterday resigned from the party he has loved and supported for nearly 40 years 

FamilyVoice national director Dr David Phillips has expressed his deep sorrow on learning of yesterday’s announcement that Senator Joe Bullock is resigning from the Labor Party and the Senate.
“Joe Bullock is a man of integrity and deep convictions who has been bullied out of the Labor Party,” Dr Phillips said.  
“He has echoed the concerns of many voters – including Labor voters – on issues like the meaning of marriage and school bullying programs.  The Labor Party has responded by ostracising and intimidating him: precisely the kind of behaviour that it claims to oppose in schools. 
“Many former Labor leaders would be turning in their graves at Labor’s refusal to allow even one of its members to vote in favour of the man-woman meaning marriage has had since the beginning of recorded history.  Who can forget Arthur Calwell’s condemnation of the ‘barnyard morality’ of his Liberal opponents back in the 1960s?
“In his maiden speech on 26 August 2014, Senator Bullock said (in part):
I believe in the inherent value and dignity of every human life.  I believe in a fair go and a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.
I believe in a level of regulation to offer protection for the weak against the powerful and to limit the excesses of capitalism and destructive greed.
I believe that the family based on marriage is the natural and fundamental group unit of society.
I believe in democracy, the constitutional monarchy, freedom of speech and freedom of religion.
I believe in Jesus Christ and the right of religious people to express their beliefs in the public square.
“Yet for these beliefs – shared by many grassroots Labor voters – Joe Bullock has been bullied.  He has effectively committed political suicide,” Dr Phillips said. 
“He loved the Labor Party – the party that has stood for justice for working men and women and their families.  Yet that party has not been just to him. 
“As Senator Madigan noted last night, Joe Bullock is a man of conviction, courage and consistency.  We need far more senators like him!”    


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