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'Safe Schools' victory - but who will rewrite the flawed program?
Friday, March 18, 2016

Cory Bernardi’s office: trashed by violent bullies who support the controversial ‘Safe Schools’ program


Ros Phillips, research officer for FamilyVoice Australia, has warmly welcomed Education Minister Birmingham’s admission that the controversial “Safe Schools” program is flawed, saying it is a victory for Australian parents. 

But she says much will depend on who is chosen to fix the problem.  “Will it be academics with the same ideology as the bullies who trashed Senator Bernardi’s office?” she asked. 

Senator Birmingham said today that the program will no longer be allowed in primary schools; that parental consent will be required for children to participate in program lessons and activities; that some parts of the program will be rewritten; that sexual and gender diversity advocacy and activism should not be part of the program.

“My heartfelt thanks go to the thousands of parents who have signed our open letter to the PM – presented to him on 17 February – as well as those who have signed other petitions alerting MPs to the serious issues underlying the deceptively-named ‘Safe Schools’ program,” Ros Phillips said.

As I pointed out earlier today, Roz Ward – one of the Safe Schools Coalition founders – admitted to students and teachers at the official program launch in June 2014 that the program is ‘not about stopping bullying’.  It’s not about respecting everyone.  It’s about promoting homosexuality and transgenderism.”

Ros Phillips said parents will not be satisfied until it is clear that the final form of the program does indeed fulfil the minister’s stated requirements.

“Who will do the editing and rewriting?” she asked.  “How can we be sure they will not be drawn from the same openly Marxist academics who wrote the original version?

“How can we be sure that third party links and branding will not quietly reappear down the track after the current furore has died down?”

Ros Phillips said today’s trashing of Senator Bernardi’s office by violent, abusive student bullies shows that “Safe Schools” is not about preventing bullying.

“Any anti-bullying program needs to make schools safe for all students, not just those who identify as LGBTIQ,” she said.  “The current ‘Safe Schools’ program should be scrapped.”


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