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Rainbow gag strikes again!
Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Facebook has removed FamilyVoice posts reporting good news on the fight for natural marriage


Recent reports about Facebook’s removal of a respectfully-worded post on the gay marriage debate by Dr John Dickson of the Centre for Public Christianity have been echoed by FamilyVoice Australia.

“Facebook has censored our page on several occasions without justification,” said FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips.   “Last June we posted four media reports of good news in the battle for natural marriage:

  • 21 June: Huge Rome rally for natural marriage
  • 24 June: Austrian parliament votes 110:26 against same-sex marriage
  • 27 June: Scathing critique by US Chief Justice of Supreme Court 5:4 ruling in favour of same-sex marriage
  • 29 June: Native Americans reject same-sex marriage  

“But when checking some details a couple of weeks later, I was dismayed to find that these posts were missing – unlike our posts on other issues.  Complaints to Facebook met a stony silence.  We decided to repost the items in July.

“But that was not the end of our troubles.

“Later on we posted a story about a US town whose council had banned the annual nativity scene in a major park.  The citizens responded by displaying their own nativity scenes – in shops, homes and gardens, all over town.

“It was a triumph of people power, and our fans really liked it.  But when we paid Facebook to boost our post, they took our money – but then refused to boost it, on the ground that it did not meet their standards!”  Ros Phillips said some other attempts to boost posts have met a similar fate.

“Then last month, on 30 March, we posted an item reporting a large randomised US study of child abuse and neglect (s 5.3)that found children raised by their two natural married parents were the safest family type – safer by far than one biological parent cohabiting with a partner unrelated to the child,” she said.  “I checked this post later in the day – only to find that it too had gone missing.

“But someone in Facebook must have had second thoughts.  The post mysteriously reappeared the next day.”

Ros Phillips is calling on the Human Rights Commission to ensure that debate surrounding marriage – whose man-woman meaning has been recognised throughout recorded history – can proceed without heavy-handed media censorship.

“As we remember the ANZACs on Monday, we also remember the ideals they fought for,” she said.  “Freedom of speech is one of them. 

“Lest we forget!”


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  • Marriage and sexuality

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