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Queensland abortion bill 'barbaric'
Thursday, May 19, 2016

Independent MP Rob Pyne’s Abortion Law Reform Bill, now before the Queensland parliament, could lead to the most barbaric abortion laws in Australia, FamilyVoice Queensland director Andrew Lawton said today.

“Mr Pyne is proposing that various sections of the current Criminal Code be repealed, removing existing safeguards and scrutiny of abortions and allowing abortions to be performed for any reason and at any stage of pregnancy,” Mr Lawton said.  

“During the 2015 election campaign, both LNP and ALP pledged not to change abortion laws.  Both major parties seem set to allow a conscience vote on the proposed legislation, thereby breaking their election commitments.  It is sadly ironic that a child protection bill is being considered at the same time as an abortion bill.”  

Andrew Lawton said the bill:

  • would allow unborn children to be killed right up to the moment of birth;
  • ignores the serious physical and psychological effects of abortion on women;
  • could coerce doctors, nurses and health workers into performing a barbaric procedure against their consciences;
  • dismisses overwhelming community opposition changing to the law;
  • fails to address the desperate plight of women who tragically see abortion as a solution.

He is urging MPs from all sides of parliament to reject the legislation.


  • Government and society
  • Human life and dignity

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