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Gender confusion stories for 5 year olds 'unethical'
Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Books like 'The Gender Fairy' are based on an unproven theory and can lead to harmful confusion 


Reports of a Flinders University project where researchers read fictional transgender stories to SA five and six year olds have provoked outrage and disbelief.

“Parents I have spoken to find it hard to understand how a university ethics committee could approve such a project,” FamilyVoice Australia research officer Ros Phillips said today.  “Were the children’s parents told exactly what was being proposed before being asked to give their consent?  Did the parents know that claims about the existence of multiple ‘genders,’ with no link to physical sex, are based on theories rather than valid science?”

The researchers acknowledged that many of the children who heard the six stories – about parents who ‘transitioned’ to the opposite gender – struggled to understand some of the narratives.  “Some children may also have become fearful that one of their own parents could suddenly change from a dad to a ‘mum’, or vice versa,” Ros Phillips said.

“The reality is that children suffering from gender dysphoria have a psychological condition which, if treated early, can fully resolve.  Even if untreated, 80% of children with transgender feelings lose them before adulthood.  UK actor Rupert Everett has said he wanted to be a girl when he was young, but became happy as a male in his mid-teens.  He is very glad no one encouraged him to take hormone blockers or consider irreversible genital surgery during a vulnerable time in his childhood.  

“Why are our education departments even considering teaching programs like ‘Safe Schools’ that promote contentious unproven gender theories in high schools – let alone primary schools?” she asked.


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