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Free speech victory as Delaney drops marriage complaint
Thursday, May 5, 2016

Transgender Greens activist Martine Delaney

FamilyVoice Tasmania director Jim Collins has warmly welcomed today’s withdrawal of transgender activist Martine Delaney’s complaint against a church booklet, Don’t Mess With Marriage.

“This is a great victory for free speech and common sense,” Jim Collins said.  “The booklet on marriage by Tasmania’s Archbishop Porteous and the other Catholic bishops is compassionately worded. 

“It emphasises respect for all people, including those with same-sex attractions.   It gently presents a view on the importance of man-woman marriage, in keeping with our current laws, historical social norms and biological realities.

“What sort of world will we enter into if the church, or others who hold a view on marriage, are prevented from speaking freely on important social and faith topics?”

Jim Collins said redefining marriage is a divisive issue and the case has been stressful for all involved.  “But the case has revealed the falsity of claims that redefining marriage would have no impact on our current way of life,” he said.

“I hope the positive impact of this case is to warn the Australian people that redefining marriage is unwise – it simply wouldn't deliver benefits to our society.  It would sever marriage from its biological realities.  It would erode truths about family.  It would erode the freedoms of speech we all enjoy in our diverse nation.

“It makes no sense to mess with marriage!”


  • Marriage and sexuality

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