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Exclusion zone arrest: Greens' double standards
Monday, January 25, 2016

Former Greens leader Bob Brown has been arrested under Tasmanian workplace exclusion zone laws  


“Tasmanian Greens former leader Bob Brown has been arrested for protesting inside an exclusion zone around a northwest logging site,” FamilyVoice Tasmania director Jim Collins said today. ““Everybody knows Bob Brown is passionate about our environment.  But where was his objection in 2013 when all Tasmanian Greens MPs voted for a draconian law prohibiting any form of protest – even silent prayer – inside a 150 metre exclusion zone around abortion facilities?”

Graham Preston is currently on trial in a Hobart court for standing peacefully near an abortion clinic, holding a sign saying: Everyone has the right to life, Article 3 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The back said: Every child has the right to life, Article 6 Convention on the Rights of the Child.  His second sign showed an unborn child eight weeks from conception.

“Bob Brown’s protest was designed to save trees, and he faces a $10,000 fine,” Jim Collins said.  “By contrast, Graham Preston wanted to peacefully save human lives.  He faces a possible $11,550 fine and/or one year in jail.

“If Green activists want to protest about restrictions on their freedom to protest, removing our abortion clinic 'no go areas' should be on their protest priority list too!"


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