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Euthanasia bill warning
Thursday, February 11, 2016

What is ‘unbearable’ today may well become bearable tomorrow


 FamilyVoice South Australia Director David d’Lima has warned of the dangers of passing the Voluntary Euthanasia Bill 2016, introduced in the SA House of Assembly this morning by Hon Steph Key MP.

“Incredibly, the proposal would grant medically assisted suicide to people whether they are terminally ill or simply unwell,” Mr d’Lima said.

“As Ms Key said in her second reading speech, the central requirement for assisted suicide is that the person’s suffering is ‘unbearable’ and ‘hopeless’.  These are highly subjective terms.  What is deemed ‘unbearable’ one day may become bearable the next, depending on the circumstances.

“While two doctors must be involved, their opinion would depend on the assertion by patients that their condition is ‘unbearable and hopeless’ which are internal states of mind,” he said.

“A patient who insists on obtaining medically assisted suicide could simply locate two doctors who concur that the patient lacks hope and the ability to cope.  We could see euthanasia eventually become available on demand.

“Legislation allowing doctors to kill their patients would tell society that taking one’s life is a legitimate response to mental pain – at a time when suicide is already at alarming levels, especially among the young.”


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