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Early childhood program claims children are 'sexual beings'
Tuesday, March 8, 2016

FamilyVoice national director Dr David Phillips is concerned about material from Early Childhood Australia (ECA), which claims children are sexual beings from birth.
A training presentation obtained yesterday from the ECA website supports claims in journalist Susie O’Brien’s article that ECA advocates sex education for toddlers.
“Entitled ‘Children’s Sexual Development’, the presentation claims that babies and toddlers masturbate for pleasure,” Dr Phillips said.  “It claims that children masturbate and look at nude pictures in their early school years.
“The presentation also discusses gender identity and cross dressing, encouraging teachers to provide attractive dress up clothes for boys as well as girls.”
Dr Phillips said most parents would be horrified by the content of ECA’s presentation.
“Helping preschool children to learn about themselves and their body should be the sole responsibility of parents.
“I call on state education ministers to review all material produced by Early Childhood Australia.”


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