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Can Tas government free up free speech?
Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The outrageous complaint against Archbishop Porteous showed the deep flaws in Tas anti-discrimination law


The Tasmanian Premier’s proposal to amend the Anti-Discrimination Act is good news indeed,” FamilyVoice Tasmania director Jim Collins said today.

“This law has long been in great need of an overhaul.  The Anti-Discrimination Commissioner’s acceptance of a complaint against Archbishop Porteous – merely for gently explaining Catholic teaching on marriage to parents who had chosen Catholic schools for their children – was an outrageous abuse of the fundamental freedoms of speech and religion. “

But Jim Collins said today’s report of the proposal seems to fall short of what is required.  “There seems to be no intention to amend section 17(1) that has caused so much distress,” he said.

“Merely adding a ‘reasonableness’ test, or some kind exemption for a genuine religious purpose, has not provided sufficient protection in other jurisdictions. Neither concept is sufficiently objective.

“I urge Tasmanian MPs to repeal section 17(1) – and thereby foster freedom of speech for all!”


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  • Marriage and sexuality

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