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Born males may compete as women at Rio
Wednesday, July 6, 2016

            There is a reason why men and women have separate sporting events


A UK news report this week has revealed that two athletes who were born male may compete as females at the Rio Olympics next month, in line with new rules announced by the International Olympic Committee in January. 

Men can now compete in women’s events merely by declaring they are female and maintaining low testosterone levels for at least 12 months before the competition.  They do not need to have had sex reassignment surgery.  

FamilyVoice Australia research officer Ros Phillips said the new developments are disturbing news for those who seek a level playing field for sport.

“There is a reason why there are separate sporting events for men and women,” she said.  “In general, there are significant differences between their bodies.

“For example, men have 50% more body strength than women, along with longer legs and bigger hearts and lungs.  They have more oxygen-carrying red cells in their blood.  It is easy to see why men are at a distinct advantage when competing with women.”

Ros Phillips said that transgender females may have taken female hormones, but their fundamental bone structure, blood cell count and heart and lung size will remain male.  “You can change your clothes and your outward appearance, but you cannot change the sex chromosomes in every cell of your body,” she said. 

“New tough rules seek to abolish performance-enhancing drug use in sport – but what about performance-enhancing gender change?”

Mrs Phillips said the huge increase in Australian young people seeking risky hormone treatment and surgery for what is essentially a mind disorder (gender dysphoria) is also disturbing.  “Ideology promoted by the so-called ‘Safe Schools’ program has a lot to answer for,” she said.  


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