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Abortion drug warning for Northern Territory MPs
Wednesday, January 20, 2016

FamilyVoice SA/NT director David d’Lima has asked Northern Territory MPs to consider all the evidence before voting on a bill allowing use of the abortion drug RU486 next month.

“I have sent the 25 MPs an article noting many of the drug’s harmful effects,” Mr d’Lima said. 

“Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration has approved RU486, despite evidence that it has led to the deaths of some 20 women overseas.  One Australian woman died from septicaemia after taking RU486 in 2010.”

Hundreds of women have reported severe side-effects from RU486, including prolonged pain, blood loss and infection.  There is a higher RU486 complication rate than for surgical abortions, and mental ill-health can follow, since mothers feel their baby being expelled over several days.

Yet former federal health minister Tanya Plibersek has said the drug would be an advantage for women in remote areas. 

David d’Lima says the evidence shows the reverse is true.  “Lack of nearby medical care would place women in remote areas at greater risk when RU486 complications arise,” he said.


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