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A million march for marriage in Mexico
Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mexicans supporting man-woman marriage fill a major thoroughfare on Saturday

Mexico City and several Mexican states have legalised same-sex “marriage” – but many Mexican people disagree.  Some media say the number who marched in support of natural marriage in cities throughout Mexico on Saturday was “tens of thousands” – but organisers show there were more than a million.

“Look at the photo above of the crowd in just one Mexican city, and decide for yourself,” says FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips.  “Click here for a rally photo from another city.

“The huge crowds are an indication of the deep ‘gut feeling’ in ordinary families that while any two (or three or more) people may love each other, only a man and a woman have the potential to create and raise the next generation.  And that is what the word ‘marriage’ is all about.”

Ros Phillips said that the two federal parliamentary bills to legalise same-sex “marriage”, introduced yesterday in the House of Representatives by Bill Shorten and Adam Bandt, miss the point.

“First, they do not understand the fundamental man-woman meaning marriage has always had throughout history,” she said.

“Second, they fear that many Australians, like many Mexicans, do understand this fundamental  meaning.  That is why Labor and the Independents do not want a plebiscite where ordinary people have a say.

“Marriage is already ‘equal’,” Ros Phillips said.  “Every man has an equal right to marry a woman, as Federal Court Justice Jayne Jagot pointed out on 21 February 2013.   

“The issue is not  about ‘marriage equality’.  It is Marriage Reality!”


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