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Why the Safe Schools Coalition program is unsafe
Thursday, November 5, 2015

Girls at this school were bullied after they supported natural marriage

FamilyVoice Australia research officer Ros Phillips is encouraging state and federal MPs to investigate parental concerns about the so-called safe Schools Coalition Australia program, now being rolled out in schools across the nation at taxpayer expense ($8 million).
“More than 14,000 Australians from all states and territories have signed an open letter to the Prime Minister asking him to cancel taxpayer funding for this program,” she said.  “The letter includes full references, explaining why school programs should address all forms of bullying. 
“A Canadian survey found that children most commonly bullied include those whose appearance is different from the norm (such as over- or under-weight, tall, short, red haired), whose school grades are high or low, or who belong to a minority ethnic or religious group.  Sexuality  or gender identity is not even in the top seven reasons why children are bullied.”
Ros Phillips said there are excellent anti-bullying programs such as RULER, CASSE Peaceful Schools or Choose Respect that address all forms of bullying.  “They are a proven success.  They do not promote misleading ideas.  They do not cost $8 million,” she said.  “They do not focus only on one or two groups of vulnerable students, sending other groups a harmful message that their suffering is not important.”
“The Safe Schools Coalition program has already provoked some students in Burwood Girls High School NSW to bully others who, although they respect people with same-sex attractions, do not support the politics of same-sex ‘marriage’”, she said.  “The program has triggered bullying rather than preventing it.  It is counter-productive, and should be replaced.”


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