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TV standards set to sink unless parents speak up
Friday, February 20, 2015

“Many parents will be outraged by the latest push by Free TV Australia to water down broadcasting standards,” FamilyVoice Australia research officer Ros Phillips said today.

The new review of the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice is seeking to allow M-rated programs from 7.30 pm in the evening – a time when many children are still watching.  “M-rated programs may contain moderately strong violence, including sexual violence, injecting drug use, coarse language and simulated scenes of intimate sexual activity,” Ros Phillips said.

“G-rated time zones would be abolished; MA15+ programs – such as the bondage-promotion in Fifty Shades of Grey –  could begin at 8.30 pm.

“The changes would allow alcohol advertising at 7.30 pm, and require any complaints to be in writing by snail mail or an online form – no phone or faxed complaints would be allowed.

“At a time when more and more psychologists are warning us about the dangers of the increasing sexualisation of children, how can Free TV – not to mention the ABC and SBS who are already doing it – head down this path?” Ros Phillips said.

FamilyVoice Australia is encouraging parents to contact their local federal MPs and Free TV Australia with their concerns.

Details of the TV Code review can be found at http://www.freetv.com.au/content_common/pg-code-of-practice.seo  


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