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Queensland parties keep social policies in the dark
Thursday, January 29, 2015

“Queensland may be the Sunshine State, but many parties and candidates are keeping their social policies in the dark,” FamilyVoice state director Geoffrey Bullock said today. 

“Two weeks ago we sent all parties our ten questions on key family, faith and freedom issues.  They included child pornography, school bullying programs, restoring our upper house, adoption laws, abortion and outdoor advertising.  We also sent the survey to all 434 individual candidates once their names and details were known.

“But two days out from Saturday’s election, it seems Labor and Greens parties do not want voters to know what they plan to do.  They have not responded, and thus scored zero.

“By contrast, Family First gave positive answers to all our questions, scoring 100.  Katter’s Australian Party scored 83.  The Palmer United Party answered two questions, but hadn’t thought much about the others.  PUP scored 31.”

Geoffrey Bullock said there have been encouraging replies from some Independents and LNP candidates.

“But the official Liberal National Party response was disappointing – scoring 41,” he said.  “They support parliamentary prayers, but are vague or opposed on most other issues – including restoration of Queensland’s upper house, which was abolished by Labor in 1922.

“Yet it was only yesterday that Tony Fitzgerald said on ABC News that Queensland is vulnerable to corruption because it only has one house of parliament.  In any election, the winner takes all, gaining absolute power.  And as we know, absolute power can corrupt absolutely.”

Click here for full details of the FamilyVoice election survey questions and results.


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