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Plea for justice for stay-home mums
Thursday, March 26, 2015

“Stay-home mums are a vanishing breed,” FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips said today.  “Governments are increasingly pushing them back into the paid workforce before their babies are fully weaned.

“But as Senator Matt Canavan has pointed out, single income families with very young children give up a whole salary to care for them.  It is the most expensive form of childcare, but also the highest quality. 

“Longitudinal studies confirm that children do best when cared for mainly by a parent (usually mum) during their first two or three years.  So why are there no childcare subsidies for this sacrificial work in the public interest?”

Ros Phillips pointed out that Julia Gillard made life much harder for single income families with children in 2013 when she tripled the tax-free threshold.  Two-income families now get $37,200 tax-free – compared with just $18,600 for those with stay-home mums.

The Abbott government has so far ignored this gross injustice. 

“Senator Canavan’s proposal to provide limited income splitting for families with very young children is a chance to fix the problem – at least in part,” she said.


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