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New marriage poll gives different answers
Thursday, June 25, 2015

“A Galaxy poll released today by the Australian Marriage Forum indicates that the federal Coalition should retain man-woman marriage as fundamental party policy,” FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips said today.

The poll asked probing questions ignored by previous surveys.  Two thirds of respondents understood that Australians are being asked to choose between the right of a child, where possible, to have a mum and a dad – and the right of two men or two women to marry and create a family.

“Nearly half of these said the right of children to have both a mum and a dad should come first, while only 17 per cent said same-sex couple rights are more important,” Ros Phillips said.

“Over a third felt ‘very strongly’ that a child’s rights should come first – compared with just 12 per cent who felt ‘very strongly’ that same-sex couple rights should take precedence.”

Ros Phillips said the Galaxy poll results send a clear message to Coalition MPs.

“It effectively found that if a Coalition MP supports same-sex marriage, he or she would risk losing up to 30 per cent  of the Coalition vote at the next election.  By contrast, only 10 per cent of Coalition voters would be much more likely to vote for their MP on this basis – a huge 20 per cent difference,” Ros Phillips said. 

“The issue is a vote changer. Coalition MPs are more likely to retain their seats if they  support natural man-woman marriage.  It could decide whether the Coalition wins or loses the next election.

“Australian MPs should note last week’s overwhelming (110:26) rejection of same-sex marriage by the Austrian parliament,” Ros Phillips said.  “Homosexual marriage is neither inevitable nor unstoppable!”


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