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Message for our old and new prime ministers
Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Malcolm Turnbull meets FamilyVoice Australia national director Dr David Phillips last month


“Many Australians awoke in shock this morning as they learned, for the third time in five years, that their Prime Minister had been deposed by his or her own party,” FamilyVoice Australia national research officer Ros Phillips said today. 

“We are in shock too.  We may not have agreed with all of Tony Abbott’s policies, but we did not believe such drastic action was justified.  We pay tribute to Tony Abbott for his consistent support for natural man-woman marriage – the cornerstone of natural families, which form the basis of stable societies.  Abandoning the time-honoured definition of marriage carries long-term risks for our nation.  Malcolm Turnbull, our new Prime Minister, should take note.”

Ros Phillips thanked Tony Abbott for his achievements during his time in office.  She said his final words as Australia’s leader were inspiring:

I thank my country for the privilege of service.  It is humbling to lose, but that does not compare to the honour of being asked to lead.  In my maiden speech here in this Parliament, I quoted from the first Christian service ever preached here in Australia. The Reverend Richard Johnson took as his text, ‘What shall I render unto the Lord for all his blessings to me?’

At this, my final statement as Prime Minister, I say: I have rendered all and I am proud of my service. My love for this country is as strong as ever, and may God bless this great Commonwealth.

Ros Phillips said the office of Prime Minister deserves respect, and she congratulated Malcolm Turnbull – the 29th Australian to achieve this role.

“Some 2000 years ago, the apostle Paul urged Timothy  to pray for … all those in authority (1Tim 2:1-2),” she said.  “We want Malcolm Turnbull to know that we plan to pray for him, every day.  He greatly needs God’s wisdom!

“We especially pray that he will keep his promise to affirm Coalition policy of marriage as a man-woman union, at least until the 2016 election, and to hold a popular vote to let the people of Australia decide this important issue.”


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