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Major parties fail NSW family survey
Wednesday, March 25, 2015

“FamilyVoice NSW sent ten questions to all contactable parties and candidates before this month’s state election,” FamilyVoice NSW & ACT director Dr David Sandifer said today.
Our questions asked how they would vote on specific issues relating to family, faith and freedom.  We scored each answer 10 for yes, definitely; 7 for probably; 5 for unsure; 3 for unlikely; 2 for definitely not.  Even those who completely disagreed with us were rewarded for their frankness.
“We asked such things as Would you support legislation to phase out poker machines over a 10 year period?  And Would you support local councils being given the power to prohibit all brothels in their local government area?
“None of the top three parties achieved 50 or more.  The Greens said ‘definitely not’ to most questions, scoring 26 out of a possible 100.  The ALP scored 39; the Coalition did a little better with 43.  Only Fred Nile’s Christian Democratic Party scored 100 – along with a number of Independents and individual candidates from other parties.”
Dr Sandifer said people decide how to vote after considering many issues.  “Our questions cover matters often not canvassed in the mainstream media,” he said.  “By clicking on our survey results voters can gain additional information to guide them on Saturday.”  


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