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Good news! Tasmania upholds fundamental freedoms
Friday, May 29, 2015

“We applaud the good news that the Tasmanian Legislative Council has approved the Anti-Discrimination Amendment Bill,” FamilyVoice Tasmania state director Jim Collins said today.

“This legislation would allow independent schools to maintain their ethos – the reason they were founded.

“It is based on two of the fundamental freedoms that undergird our democracy: • freedom of religion and belief • freedom of association.

“Rodney Croome strongly opposes this bill.  But I am sure he would be very upset if a law forced him to employ an outspoken man-woman marriage advocate in his ‘Australian Marriage Equality’ team,” Jim Collins said.

“Independent schools are remarkably tolerant.  They accept many students who do not share the entire ethos of the school.  But they were founded by community groups who wanted their children to be educated in a particular ethos.   Article 18(4) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights affirms the right of parents to determine the religious and moral education of their children.

“In order to ensure that the ethos of independent schools is maintained, those schools should not be forced to enrol students whose beliefs and actions would undermine that ethos – even though in practice that right is rarely exercised.

“This bill is about freedom.  We applaud those upper house members who voted to support it,” Jim Collins said.


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