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Draconian law would ban peaceful speech on steps of Vic parliament
Friday, November 27, 2015

These peaceful people want to protect trees – but if they dare to mention unborn babies or any form of reproduction, they could now face one year in jail!

"Yesterday’s passage of the Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Safe Access Zones) Bill 2015 was a tragedy for this state," FamilyVoice Victoria director Peter Stevens said today.

"It is a draconian law. It contravenes a basic principle of the rule of law, that there must be certainty, generality and equality.

"The opportunity for a citizen to know in advance whether an intended action is lawful or not, is crucial for a free society. Arbitrary law, which leaves citizens uncertain about the legality of their actions, is the device exploited by tyrants to impose a reign of terror.

"At its core, legal certainty recognises the importance of human dignity and enables citizens to live autonomous lives in a community with mutual trust.

"Because the exclusion zones apply not just to abortion centres but GP clinics too, the following may be illegal:

  • A pro-life rally on the steps of Parliament House
  • A pro-life club operating at a university
  • A pro-life march through the city"

Peter Stevens said the Andrews Government has failed to explain which parts of Melbourne would not be 150 metres from an abortion clinic or medical practice.

"Advice I have received indicates that peaceful pro-life communication could now be forbidden in every part of Melbourne," he said.

"What kind of tyrannical monster has our parliament become?"


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