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Call for delay on SA sex work bill vote
Thursday, September 3, 2015

The decriminalisation model of prostitution law has led to a huge upsurge in street prostitution

“SA upper house MP Hon Michelle Lensink is calling for a vote next week on her bill to repeal almost all SA prostitution laws,” FamilyVoice Australia national research officer Ros Phillips said today.  “We are calling on Ms Lensink to delay the second reading vote, to give MPs more time to consider the implications of the decriminalisation model on which the bill is based.”

Ros Phillips said only two MPs – Ms Lensink and one other – had spoken on the bill before parliament rose for the winter break.  The proposed vote on 9 September would be two months before the NSW brothel regulation inquiry tables its report.  Like the Lensink bill, NSW prostitution laws are based on the decriminalisation model. 

“It does not make sense to vote on the SA bill before the outcome of the NSW inquiry is known,” Ros Phillips said. “There is considerable evidence that the NSW brothel laws have been a disaster – set out in a news article published today, summarising council submissions to the NSW brothel regulation inquiry.  The headline says: Policing sex work a nightmare: NSW councils.     “South Australia should learn from mistakes in New South Wales and elsewhere.  The Nordic model of prostitution law, now operating in Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Northern Ireland, South Korea and Canada, is the only system to reduce rates of sex trafficking that are soaring elsewhere.

“The SA parliament would do well to abandon the Lensink bill and investigate more effective alternatives,” Ros Phillips said.


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