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Bill Shorten's bill falls short
Monday, June 1, 2015


“A few years ago, Bill Shorten was attending a community cabinet meeting in Modbury Heights with then Prime Minister Julia Gillard.  He introduced himself, and told me personally that he didn’t support same-sex marriage.  He didn’t believe the case had been made,” FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips said today.
“Today, Julia Gillard is no longer PM and Bill Shorten has introduced his so-called Marriage Equality Bill in the House of Representatives.  But he has still failed to make the case.
“Marriage is not just about a public declaration of love – because if that were true, best friends could marry, adults and children could marry, brothers and sisters could marry, bigamists, polygamists and polyamorists could marry.  That would indeed be ‘marriage equality’.  Is that what Bill Shorten wants?” Ros Phillips said.
“Bill mentioned that he has a twin brother.  He said if one twin brother is gay and the other is straight, our current marriage laws divide them – because only one of them can get married.
“In fact, marriage is open to every Australian who fulfils the requirements – just as election to parliament is open to everyone who fulfils the requirements.  Is Bill divided from his twin because Bill is an MP and his brother is not?  Hardly!”
Ros Phillips said the big danger in “marriage equality” is that if marriage loses its age-old meaning, fewer people will bother to get married – a trend already happening.
“Indeed, some gay activists are saying that they want to change marriage in more ways than one.  They want to delete the ‘exclusive’ and other requirements.  Such changes would be disastrous for Australia’s children.
“If marriage can mean anything, it will soon mean nothing.  Our MPs should reject Bill Shorten’s bill – or any legislation like it.”


  • Marriage and sexuality

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