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Archbishop attacked for Christian teaching: the new 'tolerance’
Tuesday, September 29, 2015


FamilyVoice Tasmania State Director Jim Collins today called on Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Robin Banks to reject a complaint against Tasmanian Catholic Archbishop Julian Porteous.  Transgender activist Martine Delaney formally lodged the complaint after the Archbishop had sent copies of a booklet, Don’t Mess With Marriage, to parents of children in Catholic schools.  

"The booklet doesn't malign anyone,” Jim Collins said.  “It simply and respectfully reiterates the orthodox Christian view on marriage and family – and reinforces our current laws on marriage."  

Mr Collins said that while there may be some who don't agree with the Church's view, attempts to stamp out freedom of speech on key social issues like this are a worrying trend.   

“Like any democracy, Australia works best when we allow a wide range of voices to co-exist,” he said.  “That is true tolerance.  

“Why Martine felt compelled to do this, I'm not sure.  Some might say it is a cynical publicity stunt to boost her local political aspirations.  I hope not.  

"But if we cannot allow a Catholic Archbishop to promote church teachings among those who've chosen to be part of the Catholic school system, where on earth will it lead us as a society?  Using the anti-discrimination process as a big stick to quash an important debate like this goes against Australian values and our democratic process. 

“Robin Banks needs to send a clear pro-freedom message to Tasmania, and the nation, by rejecting this complaint," Jim Collins said.


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