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Adult films have no place on cinema screens children can see
Wednesday, March 25, 2015

“I welcome the recent Glenelg Openair cinema decision to cancel most planned screenings of the sex-and-violence movie Fifty Shades of Grey,” FamilyVoice Australia research officer Ros Phillips said today. “There is growing evidence that such films can have a harmful influence on underage viewers.

“Only a few days ago it was reported that sex assaults on children by other children have soared by 40% in the last ten years.  Young children are viewing pornography online and in movies, and copying what they have seen.  They think this is OK because they have watched adults do it.  They do not know it is wrong.”

Ros Phillips said that it is an offence in South Australia to allow a child under 15 to see a movie rated MA15+ unless the child is accompanied by a parent or guardian.

“The law needs to be tightened, to clarify that films rated above M should only be shown in cinemas where no unauthorised viewing is possible,” she said.  “The Glenelg Openair cinema does not meet that requirement, because its screen can be seen from the beach and other places.”

Ros Phillips said she would ask SA Attorney-General Hon John Rau to investigate the issue.  “Our children are worth it,” she said.


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