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Abortion by phone - how many will die?
Monday, September 28, 2015

“The new legal provision of medical abortions by phone – with no face-to-face doctor consultation – could lead to tragedy for women in country and remote areas ,” FamilyVoice Australia research officer Ros Phillips said today.   

“At least one Australian woman has already died after undergoing a medical abortion with the drug RU486.  She suffered a massive bacterial infection due to fragments of the baby left in her womb.  It seems that medical help came too late to save her.

“Yet the ‘Tabbot Foundation’ claims that its phone-consultation-plus-abortion-pills-in-the post system would be especially helpful to women in regional areas who do not have ready access to medical services.

“These are the women who would suffer most from excessive blood loss or septicaemia following a medical abortion.  They need to be within easy reach of medical help!”

Ros Phillips said once the abortion drugs are sent to the pregnant woman by post, there would be no guarantee that she would use them during the 63 day limit – or that she would not give them to someone else who did not fit the requirements.

“An abortion always results in one death – the unborn baby,” she said.  “Sometimes that results in lasting grief for the mother, who may have been coerced.  But the Tabbot Foundation system could result in even greater tragedy.”  


  • Human life and dignity

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