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Would commercial surrogacy lead to happy families?
Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Brisbane surrogate mum ‘Rosie’

“Some lawyers have called for commercial surrogacy to be legalised and regulated in Australia in light of baby Gammy’s sad situation.  But would it lead to happier families?”FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips said today.

“In May, Leanne Stanford – who had offered to become a surrogate for her mum – changed her mind during pregnancy after she felt a strong bond with the baby.  Reports show her relationship with her mum has now broken down.”

In 2011, Brisbane surrogate mother “Rosie” said she deeply regretted her decision to give up her baby to be raised by two homosexual men.  She said she had not realised beforehand that having a child and giving him away would make her feel such deep grief.

Other women have told similar stories raising various difficulties with surrogacy.  Some of these were altruistic, not commercial arrangements,” Ros Phillips said.

Mrs Phillips pointed out that separating childbearing from motherhood leads to a host of problems. 

“In the US, social surrogacy is on the rise among women who don’t want pregnancy to affect their looks and careers.  It exposes surrogacy for what it is: using women as breeders, and treating children as products,” she said.

A large US survey found that children conceived by donor gametes suffered from depression, drug abuse and identity problems – much more than children conceived naturally, and more than children who had been adopted. 

“India has now banned surrogacy by unmarried couples and singles – in the interests of the child and the surrogate mother. 

“Commerical surrogacy opens the door to exploitation.  Australian governments should not go down that path,” Ros Phillips said.


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