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Why Queensland needs prostitution law reform
Monday, June 16, 2014

Abused sex worker

“News reports of big increases in street prostitution around Brisbane show that our 14 year old prostitution laws aren’t working,” FamilyVoice Queensland state officer Geoffrey Bullock said today.

“Prostitution is not the oldest profession, but it may well be the oldest form of abuse and exploitation.  Street prostitution, along with its pimps and controllers, is the most dangerous form.  Sex trafficking is common on the streets as well as in legal and illegal brothels.”

Geoffrey Bullock said the only countries to cut sex trafficking and street prostitution rates have been Sweden and other nations that have adopted the Nordic model of prostitution law.

“These laws ban the exploiters (pimps, procurers, madams etc) as well as the buyers of sexual services.  They provide effective programs to help women quit prostitution.

“The Nordic laws are working well, whereas legalising outcall services in Queensland would make our prostitution problems worse.   The Newman government should seriously consider the Nordic approach,” Mr Bullock said.


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