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Why can’t parents be nannies?
Friday, September 12, 2014

"Our recent submission to the Productivity Commission, responding to its draft report on childcare and early learning, supports the suggestion of government subsidies for nannies," FamilyVoice Australia research officer Ros Phillips said today.

“Qualified nannies do a great job caring for children in the family home, providing flexibility that institutional childcare cannot offer. It is only fair that families in different situations receive equal childcare support when it is funded by the taxpayer.

“And it is only fair that families who do their own childcare – by sacrificing a whole salary so that one parent, usually the mum, can stay home to do it – receive equal support as well,” she said.

Ros Phillips said that gold-standard longitudinal research has shown that young children develop best with parental care up to the age of two or three. “Full-time daycare can be damaging for very young children,” she said. “They are more likely to be aggressive and uncooperative in later years, disrupting their own education and that of others in their class.

“Policies that support only institutional childcare choices are likely to lead to negative outcomes where future productivity is concerned,” Ros Phillips said. “I am surprised that the Productivity Commission does not appear to have taken this factor into account.”

“It is only fair that parents who wish to receive government support for caring for their own children comply with standards required for commercial nanny care.

“But if those standards are met, qualified mums deserve equal treatment,” she said.


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