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Why Bing and Google are outperforming the Aussie government
Wednesday, June 11, 2014

“I congratulate internet giant Google for announcing that it will no longer accept advertising for sexually explicit material,” FamilyVoice president David Phillips said today.

Early last month Google announced it had removed all pornographic apps and most sexual apps from Google Play.  The Microsoft search engine Bing has gone one step better.  Its searches are filtered as the default, unlike Google, which requires users to opt in for filtered searches.

Dr Phillips said stories about careers and marriages destroyed by pornography addiction are beginning to emerge today.  The movie Don Jon shows some of the damage that results.

“This morning, nearly 100 Christian leaders in Adelaide heard US neuroscientist Dr William Struthers speak about the problem,” Dr Phillips said.  “He showed MRI images of the brain that graphically illustrate how repeated pornography use changes the brain’s structure.

“It is clear that many adults need help with this problem.  What is even more concerning, however, is the increase in child-on-child sex abuse.  These children have not developed any proper mechanism to process sexual images.   Some are as young as five or six.

“Parents today have a hugely difficult task,” Dr Phillips said.  “They cannot control what their child is exposed to – on unfiltered mobile phones in school yards and unfiltered computers in public libraries. 

“Aussie parents need the federal government to act urgently, to require all internet service providers to deliver clean feed services by default

“IT experts say it can be done.  Bing has already taken action, and Google is likely to follow suit.  Surely the Australian government can do better for our kids!” Dr Phillips said.


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