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Ten questions for parties contesting the Victorian election
Thursday, November 6, 2014

“We’ve sent ten questions on issues relating to family, life, faith and freedom to all major and most minor parties contesting the upcoming Victorian state election,” FamilyVoice Victoria state director Peter Stevens said today. 

“Most of them are still scratching their heads – but two parties have already responded.  The Sex Party wants to legalise drugs, continue to give unelected judges excessive power, and deny freedom of conscience to doctors.  It does not agree with filter software on public library computers, and does not want to comment about the phasing out of poker machines in Victoria over a ten year period.

“The Rise Up Australia Party has a very different view on all these questions.  We look forward to learning what other parties think!”

Pastor Stevens said the questions would be sent to all individual candidates as soon as possible after nominations close.  The results would be posted on the FamilyVoice website in the week before the election on 29 November.

“Supporters tell us they value our election surveys, because they canvass issues the mainstream media and party websites often ignore,” Peter Stevens said.  “The questions can be found here.  The party replies will be posted here in the week before the election.”


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