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Stop confusion among Victorian students
Thursday, May 29, 2014

FamilyVoice State Officer Peter Stevens has urged Victorian schools not to implement programs normalising homosexuality.  The letter is below.

Dear President,

I was often bullied at school. It began in grade one on the school bus. Later it was because I was academic and poor at sport. At (all-boys) college I was sometimes punched in the face for no apparent reason. I absolutely support programs which provide unbiased anti-bullying education. However, the pain of bullying should not be used as a cover-up for lobby groups to promote their own agenda. Facts need to be distinguished from emotions.

Around Australia some groups are effectively promoting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) relationships in the name of anti-bullying strategies. Two government-funded groups unwisely normalising homosexual relationships to vulnerable children are the ‘Safe’ Schools Coalition Victoria, and Headspace’s ‘Pride’ program.[1]

While it is important that schools affirm the dignity of all students, most parents I speak to are not comfortable with the same-sex agenda. Some feel unable to explain clearly what the basis of their concern is.  Many parents in your school may be in that situation, and would be most grateful to receive information that would confirm what they understand almost as an instinct – that the future of individuals and the nation are best secured when sexual desires are fulfilled through male-female marriage.  Around the world a growing number of countries are affirming this. Sadly, homosexuals need to be loved and helped, not misled.

I am pleased to include two Voxbriefs from FamilyVoice Australia. FamilyVoice has a proven record for publishing accurate and helpful evidence about what is best for families. The Voxbriefs show that people who engage in same-sex behaviour are not ‘born that way’, and detail some of the tragic health consequences of the ‘gay’ lifestyle.  

Many Australians are not aware that HIV incidence is 60 – 120 times greater in homosexual men than heterosexual, and ‘gay’ men may face a life expectancy 8 - 20 years less than average.

Moreover, it may well be the case that in years to come legal liability would accrue to schools and governments that have not provided adequate information to students about the harm associated with unwise sexual choices.

I encourage your school council to give careful consideration to the included resources as a basis for ensuring students are not deluded by ideologically-driven influences that lead our young people towards harm. More copies are available on request. I would be very grateful if you could give me some feedback from the council on these matters.

With deep concern for all Australians and so appreciative of your best care for our kids,

Peter Stevens


Sign this petition!  Stop the normalisation of homosexuality in schools.



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