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Queensland Supreme Court wipes out a child’s father
Friday, May 30, 2014

Every child needs a mum and a dad

“The Supreme Court’s decision to remove a father’s name from his child’s birth certificate is truly tragic for the child,” FamilyVoice Queensland state officer Geoffrey Bullock said today.

“The impact of fatherlessness has been widely acknowledged, including by US President Barrack Obama.  This child will grow up in a deliberately fatherless home – not knowing or having the chance to know the love of a dad,” Mr Bullock said. 

In 2011, a NSW judge removed a Sydney father’s name from his ten-year-old daughter’s birth certificate and replaced it with the name of her lesbian mother’s former partner.  The lesbian couple then split up, and the non-biological mother obtained a new partner.  The father was distraught.

“It created a situation where the child had three ‘mothers’ but no father.  Judge Stephen Walmsley acknowledged problems with the law, and suggested that the biological father should be recorded in the birth certificate,” Mr Bullock said.

“Every child is conceived from a man and a woman.  Every child has a mum and a dad, and every child’s birth certificate should record the truth.”

Geoffrey Bullock said that every child needs their mum and dad.  “While tragic life circumstances sometimes mean that this ideal is not possible, no government should allow children to be intentionally deprived of their natural mother and father before they have even been created,” he said.  “We should not create a new generation of children with an unsolvable identity crisis.

Further deviation from the biological family as the foundation of society will lead to massive problems down the track.  I urge the Newman government to wind back the Surrogacy Act 2010!”   


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