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Pro-choice doctors want abortion law reform
Thursday, May 8, 2014

“An online petition asking  the Victorian government to give back doctors their right to choose to do no harm has gathered more than 5300 signatures,” FamilyVoice state officer Peter Stevens said today.

“Section 8 of Victoria’s abortion laws requires doctors to say to healthy pregnant women seeking the termination of their healthy unborn babies: ‘I cannot accept that what you are asking me to do is morally or medically right.  But I must, by law, send you to someone who will help you to do what has been shown to damage women .’”

Thornbury doctor Nathaniel Essey says the Victorian abortion law is not only contrary to the Hippocratic Oath – the core principle of medicine – it breaches the right of every Australian to freedom of speech.

“Abortion is not a life-saving treatment – it is a lifestyle choice,” Dr Essey says.  “I did not study for 12 years in order to kill foetuses or partake in acts of cruelty.  This law is not pro-choice – it is no choice!”

Dr Essey said section 8 of the Victorian Abortion Law Reform Act is similar to forcing doctors, who refuse to prescribe opiates to a known drug user,  to refer the patient to someone who will – despite the disastrous effect the opiates would have on the patient’s body.

“Melbourne doctor Mark Hobart continues to be at risk of deregistration merely because he refused to abort a baby girl unwanted by her parents because she wasn’t a boy,” Pastor Stevens said.

“Last year, more than 4000 Victorians signed an open letter urging Premier Denis Napthine to change the law.   We urge all state MPs who are ‘pro-choice’ to support current moves to give this basic freedom back to doctors.

“It’s time!”


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