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Premier and BankSA can shut down offensive show
Monday, February 3, 2014

“SA Premier Jay Weatherill says the title of the controversial Adelaide Fringe show Come Heckle Christ is ‘deeply offensive’ and ‘a juvenile attempt to grab attention’ – and he is absolutely right,” FamilyVoice SA state officer David d’Lima said today.

“But he is quite wrong to say it is not the State Government’s role to control what the Fringe puts on. Would Mr Weatherill hesitate to shut down a Fringe show called ‘Come Heckle Mohammed’?

“The title of the show and its advertising – both of which I have seen – are seriously offensive on their own,” Mr d’Lima said. “I currently bank with Bank SA. I have contacted them to say I do not want my money used to promote this production, and I hope many others will do so too.

“I have also contacted Mr Weatherill to say I do not want my taxes used for this intentionally offensive promotion. If Jay is really ‘for SA’, he will govern for all South Australians.”


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