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Potty solution to a learning problem
Friday, April 4, 2014

"Fiona Patten is a Canberra resident who is the Sex Party's lead candidate in the WA Senate election tomorrow – and she has a crazy solution for education funding in our state," FamilyVoice WA state officer David Lowe said today. 

"She wants to help pay for WA kids' education by using taxes from legalising cannabis – a drug that damages memory and impedes learning ability!" he said.

Mr Lowe said voting for Labor will not help, because a vote for the ALP above the line could help elect the Sex Party, which is listed high up  (4th spot) in Labor preferences.  "The Marijuana HEMP Party is number 6," he said.

David Lowe said FamilyVoice has surveyed the WA Senate candidates to help voters decide how to number their own  preferences below the line.  "You can print out the page, number your preferences in order at home, and take it with you to the polling booth," he said. "The law allows you to make up to three numbering mistakes and leave up to seven boxes blank – so give it a go!"


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