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Our kids still deserve G-rated outdoor advertising
Friday, August 1, 2014

“I was pleased to learn that the Queensland government ‘will investigate enforcement options to penalise advertisers that do not comply with the determinations of the Advertising Standards Board’," FamilyVoice Queensland state officer Geoffrey Bullock said today. 

“Hopefully – if a bill is actually introduced and passed – this will deter firms like Wicked Campers who repeatedly cross the line with outdoor advertisements the public cannot avoid.

“But there is a fatal flaw with this whole concept,” Geoffrey Bullock said.  “The Advertising Standards Board members are chosen by advertisers.  It is a classic case of vested interests.  And unless someone goes through the process of formally complaining about a demeaning, racist or otherwise harmful ad, and waits for the Board’s determination, there will be no redress.” 

Mr Bullock said Queenslanders have been promised for two years that something would be done about this type of advertising, and there is still nothing definite before the parliament.  “We need action now – and we need realistic penalties, enforced after determinations by an independent community panel,” he said.

"Our kids deserve G-rated outdoor advertising!"


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